How Shell Love Bug was Born

Shell Love Bug seashells car scallop-2

The beaches of Fort Myers, Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Beach are known world wide as having the best beaches in the nation for finding seashells. People from all over the planet come to Lee County to see thousands of seashells wash up on the beach with each wave. After collecting a few shells, one tends to get obsessed by finding over 300 different seashells varieties as well as realizing beach combing is therapeutic for the mind and body so that eventually one becomes a “sheller”. ┬áIn 2016, Lee County Visitors and Convention Bureau had the brilliant idea of officially making June 20 of each year National Seashell Day to “shellebrate” this wonderful hobby of collecting shells.

Lee VCB asked local “shellebrity” Pam Rambo of how she could help kick off the first annual National Seashell Day with a bang. Pam had the idea of having a car encrusted with seashells to make the largest Sailors Valentine ever on record. Lee VCB took a leap of faith, bought a VW convertible then handed it over to Pam. Within 6 weeks, Pam’s envision of a shelldazzled art car masterpiece came to fruition.

As Pam says… “I had lots of help. Especially Lee VCB wth their willingness to help at any moment, the talent of Sanibel Shell Crafters, shellers who donated shells, the many shellers in the community who helped glue shells, the encouragement of the shelling community and especially the love and support of my husband Clark… we call him Super Sheller Clark. Oh and he found the junonia on the hood… and most of the wentletraps that make up the sand dollar designs… and most of the horse conchs… and…..haha”

Shell Love Bug sand dollar shell design-1



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